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Dynamic X is a powerful and affordable voice and data convergence solution that is dynamically balanced for the daily changes in your business traffic demands. With very high speed dedicated data options, T-1, EoC, and Ethernet Fiber, and with up to 24 channels of voice if T-1, Analog Lines, or PRI hand-off (more if SIP) on a single circuit, at a price far below separate voice and data lines. Dynamic X is available over a HUGE nationwide footprint, including locations others do not serve.

Key Features

  • Dynamically Allocated Voice and Data T1/PRI/SIP/Analog
  • All of your Voice and Data on one circuit– Your Voice calls are given
    priority over your data via a managed router (QoS)– Data is given
    additional bandwidth when less voice is being used
  • Huge nationwide foot print. We’re almost everywhere!
  • Up to 24 Channels of Voice – Includes Unlimited local and Great Long Distance packages
  • Fantastic Bandwidth Options to meet your needs

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